Real Estate Investment & Management

Rovira Realty is a real estate investment and management firm with a solid track record of acquiring income producing property throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Our disciplined approach to property management, coupled with a thorough financial analysis of prospective assets, offers an opportunity to unlock and maximize cash flows from underperforming properties.

Property Management

We are committed to ensuring that your investment performs as it should. You are in the real estate business to build wealth and stability. Having a portfolio of properties that we own in-house, we understand this. As a result, we have set up a process and policy that ensures that every property performs like a well-oiled machine, giving you the freedom that you dreamt of when deciding to invest your hard earned money in income producing properties. Here are a few of the responsibilities that we will be taking over from you, making your real estate ownership experience stress-free.


Bahamas Vacation Rentals

Imagine waking up every morning and stepping into a beach oasis so secluded that it feels like your own. We are proud to offer short term vacation rentals in Great Harbour Cay, Bahamas. Great Harbour Cay is ideal for a family vacation, a gathering with the old friends group, or a romantic getaway with your soulmate. There’s a tranquility here that’s hard to find. It is a hidden gem; a true Paradise on Earth. Welcome home!


South Florida Investments & Management

Investing and managing properties in our own backyard.
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Investing in the Midwest

Long term single family rentals in the Midwest are a speciality of ours, providing steady, consistent cash flow.
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