Who We Are

Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing


Rovira Realty is a boutique, full-service Real Estate brokerage & investment firm primarily focused on helping investors build a sustainable, cash-flowing portfolio of income producing property. We offer three main services that work harmoniously together to create an investment powerhouse that is able to acquire, and maximize high-yield returns: Brokerage Services, Investments & Acquisitions, & Property Management. 

Our Services

We are heavily involved in all aspects of the real estate industry.

Investments & Acquisitions

Property Management


Investments & Acquisitions

At Rovira Realty, we pride ourselves in the ability to acquire undervalued and underperforming properties and turn them into stable, profitable assets that provide excellent returns for our investors and partners. Take a look at some of our current holdings to get a better feel for what we look for in a possible acquisition.

Property Management

Our property management division is key to ensuring that your investment cash-flows consistently. Our data driven approach to property management allows us to maximize an asset’s potential while still providing excellent customer service to our residents.

Real Estate Brokerage Services

Rovira Realty is a licensed brokerage in the State of Florida, allowing us to gain access to both off-market and on-market opportunities as they become available.

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